I pair vintage books and postcards with my dark sense of humor to create collages that delve into social issues.

I begin each series with an intent and then begin hunting. Once I establish a text source for a series, I do not allow myself to use any other sources.

The work is time consuming and the finished products often expose my dismal view of the world. :)

Five Ways You Can Support My Work, Please:

-Purchase a print for your home, office, friend or dog

-Commission a collage to be made for your project or publication

-License an existing collage for editorial usage in print or online

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-Share my work with credit (Collage art by Jena Ardell) and a link to this website - ALSO FREE!

I can be contacted via email: jena.ardell@gmail.com


P.S. I'm also a photographer. You can view my portfolio here: www.jenaardell.com